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Wedding Tips.

For a perfect day….

bride, groom and pageboyWe have listed here a number of things to do to make your wedding day go just the way you always dreamed it would, free of problems that could have been avoided if only planned for ahead of time.

  • TIME:For the average wedding, plan for the location photography to take about 1.5 hours after the ceremony. This does not include time for travelling to/from locations, drinkies, and getting in or out of limos, horse drawn carts etc. Without sufficient time scheduled, you will end up with important pictures that you were counting on, getting missed.
  • The guys should pick their tuxes up 2 days BEFORE, NOT the day of the wedding! Be sure they try them on! We have seen many tuxes that do not fit. Try on the shirts too, have the personnel at the tux shop show them how the buttons and the cufflinks work.
  • Hairdressers have probably caused more brides to be late than any other than any other thing I know. Make sure your wedding on beachhairdresser knows the time we need the photography to start, not the ceremony, which is two hours later! We recommend you have more than one hairdresser if you have several bridesmaids. A word of caution concerning your hairdo, some designs may be very elegant, but what will they look like in pictures? Long hair strands or curls covering your eyes can cast shadows on your face. Don’t feel the need to drastically change your hairstyle from the way you’d normally wear it, this can lead to disappointment when looking back at your photos.
  • Make sure the florist knows the time schedule too! The flowers need to be ready and available two hours before the ceremony.
  • If you have very young children in your wedding party, we recommend an adult other than those in the bridal party supervise the children, and if they get cranky take them away from the area where your images are being created.
  • Let the limo driver know the schedule, both before and after the ceremony. Make sure they don’t schedule another job too soon after your ceremony. Regardless of all the planning, there should be a little leeway in the schedule. groomsmen waiting
  • Have a backup plan for an outdoor wedding in case of inclement weather. Outdoor weddings can be lovely and we love to photograph them. Just one word of caution, beware of harsh midday sun, which can cast harsh shadows on faces with dark circles under the eyes. Natural light, especially late in the day, is often the most flattering for portraits. We also look for shady areas where the light is not too harsh.
  • Eat!
  • Always make sure you trial fake tan prior to the day. Tandoori is not tanned.
  • Grooms don’t change your shaving routine on your wedding day; this can lead to unwanted rashes. bride and champagne
  • Try to avoid dark lipsticks – as they tend to fade throughout the day.
  • Try not to overdo accessories/jewellery, as it can easily become a distraction… keep it simple!
  • Invisible bra straps aren’t invisible.
  • Avoid chewing gum on the day – chewing photos are far from attractive!
  • Relax. Whatever will be will be.
  • We offer these suggestions because we wish your wedding day be all you dreamed it would be and as stress free as possible.
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